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Woodbridge Vinyl Shed Series the Finest from Duramax Sheds

Duramax Sheds: If you have a vacant lot outside your home, then you might want to consider  installing your own storage facility and save $1000's on renting a unit someplace downtown. There are many advantages, most notable not having to pay rent forever to someone else. So when looking for the right shed  you will need something that will be a long lasting and low maintenance solution that comes at the right price as well. This can be more difficult that you think but thanks to "Storage Shed Reviews" the new shed review channel on youtube it will be a whole lot easier to make the right choice for your home. 

Considering the fact that the brand name Duramax is obtained from the phrase “maximum durability”; it's not surprising why they're able to create  highly resilient sheds like the Woodbridge series. After a lifetime of use, your Woodbridge shed will still remain functional because it is made of the most durable materials. A shed that is made from vinyl  is resistant to damages such as  chipping, peeling, cracking, discoloration etc. More importantly, it is resistant against termite infestation, unlike traditional wooden sheds. Duramax sheds are available from very 4ft right up to 32 ft long and come in  various forms and types to suit all situations.  

As for upkeep, maintenance works are no longer necessary when you have a vinyl shed.  Assembling this shed is very simple. In fact, two persons can erect  it in an afternoon as the panels are pre-drilled. There’s also the special optional foundation kit, which you can utilize as a base. This provides the perfect template to place your shed on.

Duramax sheds also offer you the option to add one or more windows as well. If you're going to make use of your Woodbridge shed only for storage you most likely won’t need this, but if you are going to utilize it as a hobby room, a playroom for the children or perhaps office in the yard, then window kits are easy to fit. A skylight is supplied with the shed as standard, as is a ventilation kit. In addition to this, you can also acquire Duramax shelf kits to further accessorize your unit for more storage choices.

Duramax sheds are very durable in rough weather so much so the the roof carries a 20lb/sq ft snow load rating and equally they will withstand 115 mph winds when properly anchored and positioned.  The Woodbridge vinyl shed and also other Duramax sheds have passed several quality control tests, which makes sure that it can withstand any weather conditions. This product is certified by the California Fire Marshall as fire retardant, which makes it a more sensible choice over plastic and wood sheds.

The dimension of the Woodbridge shed is  10.5 feet wide and you can easily increase its depths from 8ft to  10ft and up to 13ft. One of the spectacular things about this shed is its flexibility. This is achieved by purchasing an optional duramax extension kit and simply elongating your shed as your storage needs increase. These can be bought at any time later. Accessing the woodbridge is via two 5ft pullout doors that offer maximum access for large items such as tractors and other drive in equipment. 

According to the US Green Building council, poly vinyl is an eco-friendly material which make Duramax sheds the very best option if you wish to help preserve the environment. Poly vinyl can also be recycled rather than being thrown in a landfill. As this shed is a US manufactured product, they only need to be transported locally and not across the globe like some brands these days.  The main features of  Duramax sheds is they are maintenance free, cost effective and designed and made in the US for US homes.